Chun I Gravure

Company was founded in 1987 supplying high quality packaging for food and non-food applications with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. We began in the old Baitun district and moved to new Wuchi district with upgraded facility on 2003 providing over 23 different packaging applications to meet the needs of diversity of package demands.

Modern Facility

As the market changed through the following decades, CIG proudly expended our 2nd modern facility on 2014 with new 8 and 10 colors full Auto printing machine, 2 automatic lamination machine, 2 high speed slitting machine, 13 bag making machines to offer more high quality packaging options including food, medical, industrial, biotech, chemical and electronic products.


To contribute ourselves into plant ecology, CIG continuously develop and search environmentally friendly packing materials. More than ever, the ability to adapt quickly to the changing demands and new developments in sustainable packaging is vital to effectively meeting the needs of our customers.


Compliance and ethical standard are important to us. Our modern facilities have attained BRC/IOP Global Standard for Food Packaging and ISO22000, HACCP to ensure the goods we supply are of highest food package standard and highest hygiene working environment. Also we have obtained Sedex member to ensure our colleagues are working in a fair and responsible way, as defined by the many international agencies CIG and all our colleagues subscribe and adhere to.

Customer Service

CIG always put the customer first. We continuously try to discover and meet new demands, and search for optimum solutions in the design and function of soft packaging material. Our objective is to create products that always provide an edge on the competition in order to help our customers upgrade their package materials and marketability. As your partner, our commitment is to find the best solutions to your problems.